November 23, 2022

The Homyfort Over-the-Door Hanging Organizer is only $18

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Space-saving techniques make a small area, like a cramped closet, seem larger and more functional. A rule of thumb is to take advantage of your wall space or vertical space – in this case, your door – with a hanging organizer that will keep everything tidy. If your closet shelves and baskets are unbearably full of clothes, now is the time to create some extra storage space with the $18 Homyfort Over-the-Door Hanging Organizer.

With this hanging closet organizer, you’ll get all the extra storage you need without having to install extra shelves or buy more furniture. The closet organizer comes with two square hooks that secure it right above your door and prevent it from slipping or falling.

Unlike some organizers that have open-shelf compartments, this one is designed with five full-fledged deep pockets that can store anything, including clothes like t-shirts, underwear, bras, and more. bra and socks, as well as bathroom essentials such as hand towels, small linens, and shower products. Some parents even use the organizer to plan their kids’ clothes for the week. “It makes the morning hustle so much easier,” wrote one reviewer.

The good thing about the organizer is that even if your stuff is tidy, you can still find what you are looking for easily. Four of the five pockets have a small plastic window, allowing you to peek inside without having to dig up your pile of clothes and accessories. However, the bottom pocket has no window for items you prefer to keep private.

The organizer is designed with cardboard on the bottom and sides to provide stability while holding heavier items like bulky sweaters, shampoo or lotion. It has a breathable fabric exterior that offers a bit of flexibility and an extremely stylish look. The small closet organizer is available in five sleek options, including gray and black chevron styles as well as white, gray and black styles that feature a neutral textured print.

Although the organizer is ideal for the closet, buyers also use it in the nursery, pantry and laundry room. It’s no wonder this versatile pick has earned over 2,200 five-star ratings on Amazon so far.

“[It’s] perfect for all my extra storage needs,” wrote one shopper who uses it to store his glasses, face masks, and other little trinkets he “needs to [their] at your fingertips, but have no room for. One person who bought two for his recreational vehicle (RV) said they “worked so well”, adding, “They were so easy to put together and made life so much easier on our trip.”