September 28, 2022

The iPhone 14 is out but Apple’s latest device hardly makes a good impression

Apple has revealed that the long-awaited iPhone 14 comes with almost every feature that is rumored. But now that the latest iPhone is out, is it worth buying?

Every time Apple releases a new iPhone variant, most know it will come at a price. Compared to other versions, the iPhone 14 comes with a slightly modified camera for the main and front camera, a screen similar to its predecessor and a slight upgrade of its existing A15 processor.

The latest iPhone series updates are notable, some users probably wouldn’t mind. Additionally, the fact that this is the latest release from the Cupertino-based company means that consumers will be armed with the latest mobile device that is sure to serve its purpose in the months to come.

However, for those who place great importance on investing in a long-term device, some better think about what Apple might do once the iPhone 15 is released. How different will the features be for the next device likely to release in 2023?

We can’t answer that right now and the fact remains that the next iPhone will also have a cost. Therefore, it all boils down to what further upgrades will see most both aesthetically and internally.

Right now, the only thing that might attract buyers is that the iPhone 14 is the latest model in the market. It comes with better features than the latest iPhone, but will it be worth it?

As for pricing, the iPhone 14 Pro will cost $999 while the iPhone 14 Max price starts at $1,499 in the US. Both will be available in Space Black, Silver, Gold, and Deep Purple with 128/256/512GB and 1TB of storage.

Pre-orders begin September 9 and availability is set for September 16.

A view of the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus Getty Images | justin sullivan