August 6, 2022

The Yubico Key Organizer keeps your house keys organized and your YubiKey security key safe

Yubico has partnered with Keyport on a new key organizer designed to securely store your YubiKey security key (a small dongle that can act as an extra layer of security for your logins) alongside your house keys in a small compact box.

It’s a good idea. My house keys have to take a lot of abuse from being carried around in my pockets and stuffed in the bottom of backpacks. And while I’m not too worried about a set of metal keys surviving this kind of treatment, I wouldn’t say it doesn’t need a bit more protection for a USB dongle I need to access my most secure accounts. YubiKeys are built like tanks, but nothing is invincible.

The $25 Yubico x Keyport Pivot 2.0 Key Organizer appears to have been released earlier this month, and it’s a very similar accessory to Keyport’s existing Pivot 2.0 Organizer. The differences appear to be a small Yubico logo on the outside, and the Yubico website also notes that this version does not include Keyport’s lost and found service.

In addition to a YubiKey security key, the organizer can hold up to seven other key-sized items. In addition to wrenches, Keyport sells a variety of tools designed to sit in its holders, like multi-tools, mini-flashlights, and pens. Compatible YubiKeys include Series 5, as well as its new Series Bio, which are activated using a fingerprint.