May 18, 2022

This $20 desk organizer is a game-changer for stacking jeans

We all know cashmere sweaters need to be folded and blazers need to be hung, but it seems no one can decide the pants. Some follow the methods draped over velvet-hangers; others roll them in the bottom drawer of a dresser. These methods have their flaws – you always have to pull out each pair to see their defining characteristics (hem, waist, and style), which inevitably creates a mess when you’re in a hurry. All of the best ideas can be found on TikTok these days, and a solution to avoid piling your clothes on that one chair is no exception. User Crayon Connoisseur has an idea: Use a desk organizer to store all your favorite pairs.

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The Mind Reader, found on Amazon, is for office memos and homework. Yet the perforated metal five-drawer system also fits a pair of chinos (or denim) perfectly in each tray — just fold them in thirds, notes Crayon Connoisseur. The rack can easily be placed on a closet shelf and the drawers can be pulled out completely if you need to make room for thicker styles (like snow pants) or dust under the frame.
The winning feature? The drawers slide. So you can decide what you want to wear without scrolling through every pair of black jeans you own looking for the one with rips at the knees. It needs to be assembled when it arrives, but did we mention it’s only $20?

Desk organizer with 5 sliding trays, Mind Reader ($20)