May 18, 2022

This kitchen cabinet organizer is the best $20 I’ve ever spent

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Living in a small apartment means I’m used to making concessions, like having to lift my stand mixer off the top of the fridge for every batch of cookies. Or having to play “stuff my collection of baking sheets and cutting boards into the clown car and hope it stays shut” every time I put away the dishes. The cabinet next to my stove often wins this game. (The losers? My downstairs neighbors, who certainly hear everything falling apart.)

I know life doesn’t have to be like this. In fits of revenge and bedtime procrastination, I ogle the organizers. I dream of big, colorful pegboards and a pot rack that easily slides out of the cabinet, but I considered all of that too big an investment for a house I just rent out. But when a recent night of online window shopping led me to youCopia’s StoreMore Adjustable Baking Rack, I bit the bullet. A $20 bill for peace, with no tools, screws or stud finders needed – is it possible?

YouCopia Bakeware Storage Rack

When the package arrived, I took an early lunch break, eager to get it ready. What drew me to youCopia’s kitchen cabinet organizer over its slightly cheaper competitors were the adjustable wire dividers, which fit easily into a sturdy plastic base. It took a few seconds longer to set up than the racks with pre-made dividers, because I had to observe the right distances for large sheets and half sheets and everything else. But ultimately the ability to customize meant a better fit in my cabinet, which has a big pipe running through it (boooo), and flexibility if my gear collection grows or changes.

After about a minute of tinkering, I placed the rack in the cupboard, with large items on one side and small items like a cutting board for a single apple on the other. Between them, I found myself with the perfect space for the hand blender and its accessories, which I had long struggled to find a home for. Ordering, it turns out, comes pretty quickly once there’s a system for everything. I recoiled and marveled. Suddenly I looked like one person with my act together.

In the weeks since I’ve found myself considering more griddle meals; I use cutting boards other than the one that lives on the counter; and I no longer cast a stinking eye at my cooling grates and their tiny protruding feet. Finally, I found peace – at least in this stressful little part of my life – and all it took was a few minutes and a $20 kitchen cabinet organizer.