June 29, 2022

This shopper-loved lid organizer is 49% off at Amazon

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Who among us hasn’t muttered a curse or two while trying to sort through a chaotic collection of food storage containers? Pyrex, Tupperware and other brands are useful for keeping leftovers fresh and meal prep ingredients ready to go. Dealing with your cabinet lids, however, is another story. Storage container tops are incredibly frustrating to keep up with, let alone organization.

I’ve seen plenty of products that claim to make sense of our overflowing lid issues, and none are as promising as Swommoly’s Expandable Six-Compartment Organizer. Here’s how it works: The 10.8-inch-wide plastic base can adjust in length from 9.8 inches to just over 17 inches. Once you’ve locked in your ideal size, you’ll insert dividers to compartmentalize your lids. Use the pre-printed labels to note which lid size goes in each slot, or customize your own with the included blank stickers. You don’t even need any tools to assemble it.

To buy: Swommoly Expandable Food Storage Container Lid Organizer, $16 (originally $30) at amazon.com

Over 5,000 Amazon shoppers have given the organizer a five-star rating. Home cooks and Tupperware hoarders especially appreciate the generous size; Although the Amazon listing says the Swommoly container holds 40 lids, one customer reported having “more than plenty” of container lids for 53 with no problem.

The before-and-after photos of satisfied customers are quite inspiring; the organizer was even described as “magical”, and honestly, judging by this photo, I agree. “How wonderful the world would be if everything worked so well,” said another customer, who said the product had “revolutionized” their container drawer. I spend a lot of time browsing Amazon and have never seen a product with so many customer reviews explicitly recommending buying it ASAP.

If you are at all on the verge of making the purchase, I leave you with this review that sold it for me. One customer, who noted that the Swommoly “put an end to our lid chaos”, said it was easy to assemble and effectively held the lids in place. What more could you ask for…apart from a few extra food storage containers?