May 14, 2022

This turntable-like tackle washing and storage device will make fishing gear maintenance more efficient

It’s easy to ruin fishing tackle if you don’t keep it clean and dry. Additionally, improper cleaning can render fishing tackle unusable over time. To counter this, fishing enthusiasts understand that the equipment must be rinsed after each use in salt water. Salt is corrosive; therefore, if not cleaned properly, corrosion will damage the equipment.

There have been compelling solutions in the works to save individuals from spending time repeatedly hand-washing gear. Still, nothing really caught up. So when we came across the Salt Safe – Tackle Washing and Storage device – we were immediately intrigued by the idea. This is a simple solution that allows you to wash fishing tackle with ease. It also ensures that the equipment is completely dry and stored safely until it needs to be used the next time.

Designer: William Fairnington

Generally, you wouldn’t say that a product that mentions cleaning in its tasks is inspired by a musical instrument, but it is the creative genius of a designer. For the Salt Safe, which, as its name suggests, keeps fishing tackle rinsed of salt, designer William Fairnington was inspired by a turntable. The maintenance disc is the streamlined tackle washer, which looks like a DSLR lens to me from one side and has a nice sectioned storage cabinet inside. The disc’s smooth, whitish insulated outer shell has a retractable handle that pulls out for ease of use and retracts into the body.

While one section of the gear is a disc-shaped washing machine for fishing tackle, the sectioned storage on the other side is covered with a rotating glass covering, which can be opened in several parts to allow access to the equipment you need, without compromising the other equipment. What makes the Salt Safe an attractive product are the quick-access storage compartments on the base plate (in a turntable-style design) that can store and inject rust-proof soap and scent bombs into the washer. The whole mechanism of the interesting wash + store device is controlled by a rotary knob to switch between wash, dry and scent settings.

An all-in-one device designed to help veterans and rigs looking to get started in the world of fishing, the Salt Safe comes with a comprehensive approach and loading system for innovative cleaning that eliminates the need for everyone to wash gear manually.