November 23, 2022

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Spring cleaning can be a daunting task, especially if you’re a parent. That’s why we decided to reach out to the leading expert for advice and encouragement for parents looking to tackle the clutter in their lives. Marie Kondo is a professional organizational consultant, who has written four books on organizing (including the groundbreaking The magic of life-changing storage), starred in two Netflix series and launched several product lines. While not all of us can bring Marie Kondo to our homes and apartments to help, she has provided us with many resources to support our house cleaning trips.

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She talked with us about how everyone can change their attitudes and mindsets about tidying up, how to deal with your kids’ clutter, and of course, how to create joy in your home. She recently launched a collaboration with Shutterfly that focuses on displaying happy moments and memories – instead of hiding them in a drawer.

What inspired your latest collection with Shutterfly?

Giving and finding the perfect gift are the inspiration behind the latest products in the Shutterfly x KonMari collection. Giving isn’t just about the item you select; this is also what this gift makes the recipient feel. Surrounding yourself with items that spark joy is the foundation of the KonMari philosophy and is also central to this collaboration.

I love the idea of ​​adding a memorable photo or phrase to a gift to personalize and put the recipient in mind. I’ve designed each item in the collection to help turn the most precious moments into items that spark joy and inspire people to share their dearest, joyful memories with those they love throughout life. ‘year.

The Shutterfly x KonMari collection is comprised of 79 carefully crafted products with 27 exclusive designs, including art prints, cotton bags, blankets, ceramic candles and more. I recommend displaying your joy-inducing photos rather than keeping them in a box, hidden away. It’s a wonderful way to incorporate your special moments into your daily life!

Now that many people are returning to the office and trying to adjust to a new schedule, how would you recommend working to tidy up the time in their lives?

The goal of tidying up is to make your home complement your life, which includes cleaning up clutter and other items in your space that no longer serve a purpose and finding a designated place for each item. that you have decided to keep. As daily schedules change with the return to the office, I recommend people dedicate some time, even if it’s only 15 minutes a day, to tidying up. Once you’ve completed your once-in-a-lifetime tidying up fest, everyday tidying up will be very simple – all you have to do is put what you used back in the designated place. This way you enter a place that sparks joy when you return home each day. Only you know what kind of home environment makes you happy, so by going through the process of selecting the only items in your home that inspire joy, you can find out exactly what you like, as well as what you need – it’s the magic of storage!

What do you recommend to keep your children’s clutter under control?

Children’s toys always seem to multiply and can quickly scatter throughout the house. I recommend designating a specific location where each of these toys will be kept, and then making sure your kids know where their toys belong. I also find it useful to make tidying up fun with my own children. For example, cheerful storytelling while you tidy up the house will show your children that organizing is a positive daily activity.

What organization products do you recommend?

When it comes to organizing photos, I love photo books for this purpose. Shutterfly’s Photo Book helps organize all my photos I’ve taken on my phone and computer. It’s a great way to capture favorite memories and organize them in so many ways. From creating books by months, years, or even trips, a photo book helps keep your memories organized.

I also love our new Serenity Glass collection with The Container Store. It features a variety of glass counter tops and organizers designed to give jewelry or your favorite beauty products, including skincare, makeup, and nail polish, a timeless home. Plus, in homage to the clean lines of Japanese design, each Serenity product can be combined or stacked seamlessly to create custom storage sets that keep each item safe, tidy and organized. These pieces really add a touch of elegance to my counters for everyday cosmetics and jewelry!

How do you find thoughtful gifts that spark joy in your loved ones?

The real purpose of a gift is to be received, and whether it is used and loved for years is not the main point. Choose a gift that you think could enrich the recipient’s lifestyle – the intention of the gift should be to bring joy to them.

For me, personalized gifts offer a wonderful opportunity to give an intentional gift. Gifts are so much more personal when they are meaningful to the recipient. It’s not just about the “what” but also the “why” behind the giveaway.