December 1, 2022

Travel Editor Loves This $10 Cord Organizer

We’ve all been there: you’re waiting for your flight and notice that your smartphone, tablet or headset could use quick charge before take off. So you reach into your bag, only to find your charger cord tangled – or worse, twisted with your laptop and tablet cables in a crushing knot. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, it’s time you invested in our editor-approved travel tip: the iMangoo Cord Organizer Case.

Equipped with three convenient compartments, the Tech Storage Case is the perfect travel companion helping you organize your cables, headphones, portable chargers, and more in one convenient place, all for the affordable price of $10. Its 7.5″ x 4″ x 1.6″ frame is sleek and lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about bulking up in your carry-on or personal bag, and the zippered closure ensures that everything inside stays safe. and secure.


To buy: amazon.comfrom $10

It is highly recommended by Travel + Leisure Associate Editor at Large Skye Sherman, which was happy to report that it’s handy for more than chargers and cords. “I just bought [this] cable organizer case and I’m kicking myself for not ordering this life-changing $10 travel hack sooner,” she said, adding that the disorganized cords “really stress me out…especially when I need one close at hand for a quick charge during a layover.

Sherman continued: “This simple case has made my life (and the travel process) so much easier – it fits my phone, watch and laptop chargers as well as a [computer] dongle, all in one sleek place. And come on, it’s $10! You can thank me later.

In addition, its scratch-resistant EVA shell increases its durability and ensures that the iMangoo Cord Organizer CaseThe contents of will be safe on the go. Shoppers have 10 colors to choose from to add a fun touch to their travel gear. It’s also worth noting that the Travel Tech case has earned over 10,700 five-star ratings from Amazon customers, many of whom, like Sherman, can’t imagine traveling without it.

“It’s been heaven for me” a reviewer saidpointing out that it “also helps me remember not to leave my charger at the hotel.” Another buyer commented that it “was perfect for my trip out of the country” as it could hold “my GoPro camera, its charger/adaptor, my phone charger/adaptor and my earphones… no problem”. To intervene, a traveling customer wrote that it was “great to have all those essentials organized in one place while traveling.”


To buy: amazon.comfrom $10

For a traveler admittedly “the worst for locating my stuff when I travel”, the iMangoo Cord Organizer case “made things 10 times easier knowing that all my chargers were together and [I] could easily locate them. After their review, another buyer shared“This little gem fits all the cords and blocks I need for traveling or going to the office.”

In the same way, a buyer added“It helped me clean my purse as I have multiple cords for multiple devices.” Another five star reviewer mentioned that “this case holds more than you think”, and if you ask us, it could easily double as a camera case or travel jewelry organizer in a pinch.


To buy: amazon.comfrom $10

Trust us, the iMangoo Cord Organizer Case changes the situation. Get the top rated travel case on Amazon starting at $10 and feel free to stock up on several so you can up your organizational game.

At press time, pricing starts at $10.

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