December 1, 2022

T&T Inventor Wins Top Prize for Battery Regeneration Device | Additional News

Ancel Bhagwandeen’s latest invention, a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) battery regeneration device, which he calls “The Battery Alchemist”, has ranked first in the world for climate innovation in the global competition of green business ideas, ClimateLaunchpad.

Bhagwandeen was accepted last month in the competition’s global semi-finals. His invention is Trinidad and Tobago’s first clean energy project to win a place in the world’s largest competition for climate change mitigation projects.

Bhagwandeen is now in the final 16 for the best global climate innovation, which will be announced on November 3. No other Caribbean country has reached this stage in the ten years of this global competition, funded by the EU, Bank of America. and others.

The inventor/industrial engineer recently spoke with the Express about his latest achievement, the impact of his invention and his passion for creating sustainable technologies suited to the development needs of the Caribbean region.

“It is both surreal and exciting to be the first from T&T and then the first from the Caribbean to create the world’s best ‘sustainable mobility’ technology project/invention for climate change mitigation and sustainability,” said declared Bhagwandeen.

clean energy project: The Battery Alchemist, a hybrid electric vehicle battery regeneration device, invented by Ancel Bhagwandeen.

He said his success could help spur economic growth. “This win can only help boost our global Innovation Index rankings, which can then translate to making T&T more attractive to potential foreign investors and driving economic growth,” he said.

He added, “Hopefully this HEV battery regeneration invention can now be funded to become a fully exportable business innovation, whether that support comes from local sources or foreign investors, it can only benefit our region. The next phase through the platform involves the invention being “accelerated” into commercial reality through their network and connections. »

hydroponic tower

garden system ► subtitle ◄

Bhagwandeen’s latest invention follows the invention of his solar hydroponic tower garden system, which is implemented for smart farming and incorporates the first electronic defense system against African snails.

Bhagwandeen said The Battery Alchemist is a portable and cost-effective device suitable for the Caribbean region. It requires little training or deployment cost. It will reduce consumer HEV battery replacement costs by 80-90%. It will be available in mid-2023 and the cost of the smallest unit should be around $2,000.

He explained: “More technically, it is an electronic means using artificial intelligence/machine learning to electrochemically assess, repair and repair used hybrid electric vehicle batteries. It is based on the principle of electro-sonication, which uses a variable process called pulse-width modulation to excite/resonate battery electrodes, to break down and resolve stubborn chemical imbalances causing progressive battery faults.

He said the initial concept of battery regeneration was born out of the rising cost of replacing the starter battery in cars and creating indigenous technology solutions as a business model.

“I have focused on the second life of rechargeable batteries and reconditioning efforts, as these batteries have become our society’s energy storage base, found in all mobile devices, electric vehicles and the most renewable energy solutions,” he said.

He added: “My previously developed vehicle starter battery regeneration solution has been awarded three times, twice by the T&T government, once by the Caribbean Climate Innovation Center and recently recognized by the BASEL convention whose headquarters is in Switzerland, so the new development of the HEV battery is the evolution of this invention as technology changes in battery types.

Work in progress ► subtitle ◄

Bhagwandeen’s invention is still a work in progress. He explained that while the proof-of-concept prototype was validated to operate independently by UTT’s engineering faculty in 2020, his attempt to seek funding to create the minimum viable product was denied in August 2022. by Cariri’s (The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute) Future of Innovation Grants Program.

But he said there was hope. “This Battery Alchemist project has also received support from the T&T Energy Chamber Conference, as well as Joanneum University of Applied Sciences, Austria, and LGChem, USA (the largest manufacturer of batteries for electric vehicles This motivated me to apply for the global ClimateLaunchpad competition recently,” he said.

He added: “The fact that the project has succeeded in the national, Caribbean and regional stages to reach the stage of the global ClimateLaunchpad competition is encouraging, as it is now recognized as one of the main projects of clean energy in the Caribbean.

“This is the first time T&T has been recognized by ClimateLaunchpad, which is the world’s largest climate innovation competition.”

Bhagwandeen hopes to gain access to potential independent investors and partners on the global stage, with the exposure now complete.

“I would have preferred the trip to include material support for T&T innovation, but it appears that was not to be the case, until now anyway. We would have been well on the way to launching the product with such support.

“However, on a more positive note, the project is still under consideration by another, more technology-focused innovation acceleration platform based at T&T at present.

“I hope their view will be more in line with the international assessment of the effort and we can accelerate the results for the benefit of T&T,” he said.

Other Inventions

In the coming weeks, Bhagwandeen will bring to market T&T’s first 100% solar vertical tower garden that grows 105 crops in the space occupied by a single standing person, with no plumbing, wiring, electricity or infrastructure, and is storm ready/ floods.

“It is fully automated with a ‘brain’/digital display running the system. It was recognized as one of the top four ‘green innovation’ efforts by the UNDP (TT) office in 2021,” he said.

He said, “The first seven units have been sold and are going to training institutions and secondary schools to train our young people in modern, low-labor urban agricultural technology and agri-entrepreneurship. The focus is on establishing local manufacturing to keep the price affordable and accessible to the average household, with a return on investment of less than a year.

Bhagwandeen has also developed an electronic African snail deterrent device to integrate with these units as a DIY “kit” to prevent crop damage.

He also has three other products/inventions on the horizon: electronic panning sticks; and Sure Start, a military-grade vehicle starter battery add-on that will eliminate dead batteries and ensure better safety and reliability on the roads. The prototype has already been tested and the third invention is a low cost DIY kit that physically deters snails, slugs and African snakes from entering your property.