May 14, 2022

Two ways to scan a QR code on your Galaxy device

QR codes have become a common form of media sharing in recent years, all the more reason to know how to read them with your Samsung Galaxy device. This guide will go over several different ways to do this.

Scan a QR code with your camera

Undoubtedly, most modern phones are able to scan a QR code with their camera. It’s become an essential camera function and for good reason. Samsung’s line of Galaxy devices are no different and can perform the same function. Here’s how to scan a QR code with your Galaxy phone’s camera:

  1. On your Galaxy device, open your camera.
    • To note: You can do this by pressing the power button twice if you have set the camera shortcut, or you can open the camera app on your device.
  2. Simply point your camera at a QR code.
  3. Your phone will vibrate and prompt you to open the QR code redirect. Faucet Show options then choose what you want to do next.

To note: Your device may mistake the QR code for a document, in which case the camera will prompt the user to Tap to scan. It has nothing to do with the QR code scanner, rather it uses the built-in document scanner. This in itself is an amazing feature for a different article.

Scan a QR code with the built-in scanner

Did you know that there are many hidden Quick Settings on Galaxy devices? One includes a built-in QR code scanner, which saves having to access the camera in the first place. It’s a little faster to scan QR codes because there’s no need to load the UI and features that come with the camera app.

First, you need to get the QR code quick set out of hiding and into a useful place. Here’s how:

  1. On your Galaxy device, swipe down twice to access quick settings.
  2. Scroll to last page quick settings and press the plus icon.
  3. On the new page that appears, scroll down until you find Scan the QR code.
  4. Long press and drag this button to the lower panel, where the active parameters are located.
  5. Faucet Ended.

To scan a QR code with the quick setting, go to this page again and find Scan the QR code. Tap it and point your device at a QR code. Once scanned, you can either copy the link or open it in your default browser.

You also have the option to scan a QR code from the images on your device. This is useful if you didn’t have internet access at the time and took a photo of a QR code to scan later. After typing Scan the QR codeinstead of pointing your phone at a QR code as usual, just tap the picture icon and select the image you want to scan.

To note: The act of screen recording slowed down the scanning time. In practice, it’s much faster.

Overall, Samsung has some good options in its devices when it comes to scanning QR codes that you find in the wild. Of course, you can also download third-party scanners, but that’s just a waste of valuable storage space.

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