August 6, 2022

ULINK offers free storage device testing for a limited time

*TCG stands for Trusted Computing Group, a nonprofit organization that establishes industry-wide specifications for storage devices and other computing hardware.

And now, for a limited time only, ULINK is offering free testing of TCG Opal products with its TCG Opal family certification test suite, which usually costs $3,000 per device tested.

“The capacity of storage devices continues to increase from gigabytes to terabytes. The IT industry’s primary concern now is to protect critical user data. TCG Opal provides technology to encrypt this data and prevent it from getting lost. lose during the life cycle, such as when computers depreciate or are lost.ULINK’s TCG Opal family certification test suite validates implementation of the Opal specification and ensures device interoperability .Joseph ChenCEO of ULINK Technology.

Even better, if a storage device passes ULINK’s TCG Opal family certification test suite, ULINK will list the device on its ULINK Test List (UTL) web page so the world can see that the device is performing well. and works well with other computer technologies.

“We hope that by offering this free offer and introducing the passing drives to the public, we can promote TCG’s Opal technology, which is a great standard for storage drives”Joseph Chen

In addition to the TCG Opal family certification test suite, ULINK also offers storage device testing with several other test suites, such as protocol testing and regression testing. A hard drive or solid-state drive manufacturer can help ensure that their devices work properly by taking advantage of these additional, usually free, tests. And if a device passes these tests, it will also be listed in a special section of the UTL webpage for everyone to see.

To join ULINK’s TCG Opal family certification test suite and UTL program, a storage device manufacturer should prepare to:

— Submit a test request form to ULINK
— Submit their discs to ULINK for testing
— Successful readers will receive a certificate
– Passing readers will be listed on the UTL TCG Opal Family Certification Test Suite List webpage

For complete information on how you can take advantage of this special offer, please visit our webpage at Testing service fee will be waived during our special offer.

About ULINK Technology, Inc.

ULINK Technology, Inc., headquartered in Santa Clara, California (, is the world leader in mass storage test tools for HDD and SSD storage devices. The company is committed to providing non-proprietary third-party testing tools, improving standardization and compatibility of tested devices, and accelerating product time-to-market.

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