September 28, 2022

‘Ultimate’ Unpacked leak shows every upcoming Samsung device in ultra-high-res glory

Each of these unreleased devices has already been painstakingly detailed… a number of times by one reliable source or another (or ten), but only legendary Twitter leaker and occasional 91mobiles partner Evan Blass could have pulled together all the details. products for an “ultimate” photoshoot… or five.

Photoshoot might not be the most accurate way to describe the promotional images you’re about to admire, but it really doesn’t get any more official and clear than these super high quality product depictions in all colors and from all angles.

Galaxy (Z) Fold 4

If this absolute beast of a foldable phone will be dropping the “Z” from its official or unofficial global branding, its three paint jobs and key specs are virtually carved in stone, including familiar-sounding 7.6- and 6.2-inch displays, a new state-of-the-art Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, up to a jaw-dropping 1TB of fast storage, 4,400mAh battery capacity, 25W fast charging support, and a vastly improved triple-camera setup with a 50MP main shooter.
Strictly speaking from an external design point of view, the The Galaxy Z Fold 4 doesn’t look like a radically transformed device at first glance, although a number of subtle changes discussed in detail in previous reports could make all the difference for Z Fold 3 owners interested in a quick upgrade.
By no means affordable, the Fold 4 will be available with a nice launch discount if you remember make a reservation before pre-orders start, not to mention how much you’ll undoubtedly be able to save upfront with a trade-in.

Galaxy (Z) Flip 4

What we’re looking at here are the four main options, each more eye-catching than the other…despite having a noticeably thicker profile than the Z Flip 3. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, mind you, it can help to a sturdier frame and definitely signaling the presence of a larger 3,700mAh battery under the hood.

The rest of the The specs and features of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 may remain largely unchanged, except of course for the chipset and a slightly larger cover screen.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

That… actually doesn’t sound like a bad plan at all, but it obviously remains to be seen how much potential buyers will be bothered by the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro’s chunky body, which arguably makes this look considerably less sleek than that of last year. delicious Watch 4 classics.

Galaxy Watch 5

For a sporty wearable with an affordable price tag almost certainly attached to its name, the “regular” The Galaxy Watch 5 looks pretty slick in six different flavors, and according to some additional promotional materials leaked today, you’ll even get a nice BOGO deal during its pre-order period.

Samsung’s Buy One and Get One Free promotion (with new lines and monthly installments on eligible carriers) likely won’t void store credit you can claim by reserving any of the Galaxy products at come through August 10, then purchasing your choice.

Galaxy Buds 2 Pro

Three color options, a fairly familiar design borrowing elements from both the Galaxy Buds 2 and Buds Pro, class-leading active noise cancellation, improved overall audio quality (allegedly), and more or less the same winning battery life as the two aforementioned products. What more could you expect to see in a high-end shelf An alternative to AirPods Pro?
Well, a lower the starting price would certainly be nice, but that’s likely where the bundles and outright discounts will arrive soon after the Buds 2 Pro release commercially.