December 1, 2022

Van Gogh Exhibition Organizer Promises Refunds for Customers Late to Open ::

— After weeks of delay, Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience is now open in Raleigh on the Pleasant Valley Parkway.

The event was originally scheduled to open in March. Organizers then told ticket holders that it would open no later than April 21, organizers missed the second deadline, but managed to open the next day.

John Zaller, director and executive producer of the exhibition center, told WRAL News that he wanted to make this the first of many interactive art experiences they are bringing to the city of Raleigh. He knows trust has been lost after delays and miscommunications and believes opening things up is the first step to restoring that trust.

WRAL News got a glimpse inside the exhibit on Friday. On opening day, customers expressed wonder, joy and calm – a big change from the emotions on display just days ago.

As WRAL first reported, the event was should open a month ago. Customers who bought tickets for dates between then and mid-April found themselves either at an unopened exhibition or in a battle with the organizer, Exhibition Hub, for a refund. Zaller blamed the delays on the pandemic and the complexity of the displays.

“It takes Van Gogh’s works to the next level, turning them into 3D digital masterpieces,” Zaller said of the exhibit.

After the tour, Five On Your Side’s Keely Arthur spoke about the dozens of complaints they had received about refund issues. Arthur explained how in one case a woman who bought tickets for early April was struggling to get a refund, so she alerted her bank who put an alert on it. The organizers later responded, telling her that because it was in dispute, she could no longer get a refund.

“I’m not aware of this particular issue, but I would be happy to speak to him directly to resolve this issue,” Zaller said.

Zaller said he would do the same for each person who purchased a ticket on days when the event was not open.

“We will absolutely honor their ticket every time they bring it back and for those who just can’t make it, we will definitely refund their entire purchase,” Zaller said.

The event is open until June. If you have a consumer complaint, including a problem with this refund, email [email protected]