December 1, 2022

Vandalism is already hitting Fall River’s Winter Wonderland, organizer asks public for help – Fall River Reporter

It didn’t take long for the vandals to strike as organizers began preparing Kennedy Park for Winter Wonderland.

One of the organizers of Winter Wonderland, Roxanne Longstone, took to social media this morning to show what some feared when the project was announced. Fairy lights have been cut as well as paint that does not belong in some parts of the Kennedy Park view.

Longstone said DCM worked hard to paint and prep the park with itself, volunteers and Bishop Electric.

She pleaded with the townspeople to come together to stop this, otherwise the town will not be allowed to have nice things. Longstone said additional expenses and work had to take place, such as paying for storage and having volunteers watch the exhibit. She asked the public to visit the park to help watch out for vandals and if you see something, say something.

If the vandalism continues, Longstone said Winter Wonderland will not be able to continue as planned. She is understandably heartbroken and wonders if decorating the park as planned is worth it if people are just going to destroy it.

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