September 28, 2022

Vietlink Event – ​​the leader in organizing professional events

Vietlink Event is one of the ten most famous companies in the field of event management services in Vietnam. Many customers trusted and chose Vietlink Event to entrust the responsibility of organizing their big important events.

1. About Vietlink Event

With more than 10 years of experience in the field of event organization, prestige and professionalism, Vietlink Event has been the preferred choice of many partners and customers. Vietlink Event not only provides event services in Ho Chi Minh City but also all over Vietnam with the most professional communication and event planning solution. This is because they want to contribute to the success and development of their clients.

Vietlink’s goal is to become one of the best conference and event organizers in Vietnam and ASEAN in 2024. And they know that human resources with a solid foundation can help them achieve this success. earlier. On the other hand, they also know that they can provide their clients with quality services when they have an active and creative team. Thus, more and more customers satisfy the professionalism of Vietlink’s services. And it makes Vietlink Event want to try harder to achieve its mission.

2. Services provided by Vietlink Event

Customers can have a variety of choices with Vietlink Event’s service packages.

Outstanding service packages include: event organization package, event staff services such as MC, PG, singer, … and even event equipment rental service package. Discover it on:

Vietlink professional staff will contact and answer all customers’ questions to help them make the best choice.

With a large factory warehouse, Vietlink Event is very confident to meet all needs and hold many large-scale events that many companies cannot support.

In addition to speed, quality and competitive prices, Vietlink Event has a young and dynamic team that is always proactive in learning, creativity and catching up with trends. This ensures that the event organized by Vietlink will be so attractive and meaningful.

In particular, Vietlink Event always shows a professional attitude to work with customers before, during and even after the program to manage the event closely, thus guaranteeing the success of the event. All these reasons have helped Vietlink Event to receive more and more love and support from many customers and grow more and more.

3. Vietlink Event Service Implementation Process

Aiming to provide customers with the best service experience, Vietlink always focuses on implementing projects with professional processes. Respecting customers’ requirements, Vietlink Event always tries to do its best to make customer’s event as successful as possible. The Vietlink service implementation process is as follows:

Preparation before the event

– Research customer activities, such as services, products and brands

– Objective and professional research and analysis on competitors, SWOT, PEST,…

– Perform event planning

– Estimation of the cost of the event

– Prepare for all possible situations during the event.

– Promotion of the event in many media

During the event

– Guests’ reception

– Organization of the main programs

– Serving meals to guests at the event in a very thoughtful manner

– Organization of auxiliary activities for the event.

After the end of the event

– Promote the brand, products and services

– Receive customer feedback

– Analyze the effectiveness and success of the event and record feedback from companies on the process of organizing the event.

– Ensure the financial management of the event with precision, clarity and professionalism


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