December 1, 2022

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Netflix’s Saudi Version of ‘Dubai Bling’ Awaits Approval After UAE’s Blast

LONDON: A concept for a Saudi version of the hit Netflix series Dubai Bling is ready and awaiting approval from relevant bodies in the Kingdom, a source involved in the production of the UAE-produced show told Arab News.

“Contrary to what people might think, there is actually a lot of enthusiasm in the Kingdom to produce it and showcase the successes of locals and expats alike,” the Saudi source said.

“If you think the actors in the Emirati version are rich, wait and see who we might have lined up for ‘Saudi Bling’. We’re just waiting for approvals now and of course, like the Dubai show, we’ll make sure that ‘it doesn’t cross any lines and faithfully reflects the lives of Riyadh’s rich and famous.

Arab News has attempted to obtain official confirmation and an update on Netflix’s approval status, but no comment was received at the time of publication.

Arabic reality TV show “Dubai Bling” follows the glamorous lives of ten Dubai-based millionaires.

According to the source, the Saudi version is expected to be largely a replica of the UAE counterpart, with the rich and famous set to open their luxury homes and immerse themselves in their glamorous lives.

“Dubai Bling” debuted on Netflix last October, immediately becoming one of the most talked about shows on the internet thanks to its ability to portray the melting pot of cultures in Dubai.

One Twitter user said it was “the best trashy show I’ve watched in a long time”.

@Africanbeau blessed the show as “a real gem” and demanded Netflix for a second season.

The program received a lot of international attention and was praised for its ability to appeal to multicultural audiences through its diverse cast and the merging of English and Arabic dialogue, often in the same sentence.

The reality show features 10 actors from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait and Iraq, as well as expats from India, Australia and the UK.

Some of the biggest celebrities include Saudi influencer and TV presenter Lojain Omran, Kuwaiti-American entrepreneur Ebraheem Al-Samad, Dubai nightlife czar Marwan Parham A-Awadhi – better known as DJ Bliss – and Lebanese real estate entrepreneur and self-proclaimed “Queen of Versace” Zeina Khoury.

The Dubai extravaganza also includes British-born Iraqi designer Safa Siddiqui – who wants to buy a new house because her dressing room is too small – as well as Lebanese model Loujain Adadah, who made headlines a few years ago. years for marrying a Saudi billionaire when she was just 21 in a much-talked-about $10 million ceremony.

Within weeks of its debut, the show that takes viewers from one ostentatious display of wealth to another has already found its star characters and divided fans.

From Danya and DJ Bliss’ relationship to Farhana’s social media career, Loujain’s love life, and Safa and Fahad’s arguments for having a second child, the series is filled with drama, spinoffs, and fashion moments. even more iconic.

“The best part of ‘Dubai Bling’ is that you think X is the craziest person in the bunch, but Y will outperform them in the next five minutes, then Z will outperform them both at the end of the show,” one person on twitter said.

“It’s beautiful to watch, like all-out football or the triangle attack.”