November 23, 2022

You will need this under desk cable organizer for your WFH setup

The Yamazaki Home Under Desk Cable and Router Storage Rack ($37.21) from Amazon.


Whether you’re still working from home or back in the office, there are sure to be all kinds of cables and wires running around your desk and workspace. After all, these days we have routers, modems, monitors, computers, and more all in one place. Along with all that comes a bunch of wires that not only look terrible, but also get in the way.

That’s where a compact under-desk storage rack like this one from Yamazaki comes in. It’s also on sale right now on Amazon for just $37.21, which is 24% off its original price.

Yamazaki Home Under Desk Cable and Router Storage Rack Cable Management

Designed to fit right under your desk, what makes this unit great is that your desk doesn’t even have to be against a wall to install it. This rack does not attach to the wall and no power tools are required. Instead, it has built-in feet, clips, and adjustable screws that lock to the back of your desk so it’s easy to install, remove, and move around as needed.

This rack comes with two horizontal shelves that can be used to hold your router, modem, or anything else that can fit inside. The bottom shelf is a great place to put a power strip so you have plenty of outlets to plug into. At the bottom of the rack there are six built-in hooks for hanging coiled cables or storing other things like headphones or your car keys.

It not only helps clean up the look of your desk, but also eliminates cords from your desk and floor. So if you want to save nearly 25% on a convenient way to store your router and cables under your desk, head over to Amazon and order this Yamazaki Storage Rack for $37.21.