June 29, 2022

Zionsville Organizer Tackles IndyCar Drivers’ Garage

INDIANAPOLIS — IndyCar driver Charlie Kimball dropped by the show with his friend and professional organizer Julia Goldberg to talk about how she helped him restore order at home.

Goldberg is the owner of Love It and Label It, a Zionsville-based small business with a two-step approach to organization: keep only what you love and use, then label everything so you can find it.

“To me, the beautiful thing about having a professional organizer come in…they don’t have an emotional attachment to all the things that we have,” Kimball said. “We moved a few years ago. We have toddlers. So we accumulate things and none of them had a house.

Love It and Label It curated spaces like Kimball’s garage, locker room, and storage room.

“I was just going to stand in the room after it was done because it was so much less stressful than before,” he said.

If the garage is a project you’d like to take on yourself, Goldberg has some advice. She recommends using a rail or slat system to utilize the vertical wall space for storage. There are various hooks and bins that you can attach to hang various items and remove them from the floor. Label all your containers and bins, she said, so everyone at home knows where to put an item when they’re done using it.

If you don’t have the time or patience to tackle a major organizing project, you can get in touch with Goldberg through their website. Mention Indy Now for a free one-hour consultation.